Medium production rate Only film bottle shrink wrapping machine (15-17 p/min)

retáctiladora solo film botellas

The product is received frontally on the conveyor entrance. Cylindrical containers are arranged on lanes according to their direction of travel. A Splitter system will be used to classify the product on different lanes when working with square or rectangle-shaped containers. A pneumatic brake system is used to separate the products in the requested formats. The product is wrapped with film inside the shrink wrapping tunnel.

It belongs to the category:

Shrink Bundling Line, only film, bottles, medium-high production (25-28 p/min) (35-40 p/min) (45-50 p/min)

Línea Envolvente solo film botellas media-alta producción (25-28 p/min) (35-40 p/min) (45-50 p/min)

Specific machine for bottling companies, springs, beer breweries, soft drink manufacturers, etc. Bundles bottles in the requested formats with a braking system, according to the production requirements.
Optional printed film shrink wrapping, easy open system and/or multipack. A Splitter System must be installed if the bottles or jugs are not cylindrical.

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Low production rate Wrap Around Packer (8-10 boxes/min)

Encajadora Wrap Around baja producción (8-10 cajas/min)

The input system changes according to the product, production and bundling requirements. The suction pads of the supply system are placed on the base of the cardboard sheet, positioning the raised side panels between the chain folding elements. The feeding system moves the bundle to the opened box/tray, which is formed according to the type of product. The flaps are glued with hot glue using a Hot Melt unit. The lower (for boxes/trays) and upper trainer (only for boxes) folds al flaps of the box/tray.

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Tetra brik or square-shaped product shrink wrapper, high production rate

Retractiladora briks o producto cuadrado alta producción

The product is placed on the machine’s input tray at 90º. The machine has a braking, decompression and pushing cylinder assembly that separates the product in the requested formats.
The product must be moved from 1 to 2 rows to achieve the required production rate. Tetra briks do not tolerate high pressure, so a Splitter system is installed to arrange the products on two rows.
Dairy products are highly corrosive. We recommend producing them in a stainless steel machine in these environments.

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