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R+D+I Projects

All machines manufactured by our company have been designed according to the specific needs of each customer, i.e., we do not mass-produce our machines. Hypermarkets are constantly requesting new packaging, presentation and distribution methods for their products. Our aim is to supply the machines that meet our customer’s requirements. To do so, we have a Research, Development and Innovation Department: R+D+I. With the help of the Autonomous Government of Navarra, CDTI and/or PROFIT, we are permanently developing prototypes, which not only cater to the needs of our customers, but also complete the range of Zorpack’s machines, allowing us to expand into new markets and work in sectors that were unknown to us.

1In 2003, we started our 1st R+D project. We designed a small-scale prototype that could fully shrink wrap and seal blocks of frozen fish more rapidly, easily and cheaply, in addition to respecting the environment. This machine could be installed on ships or at fishing ports. 2In 2004-2005, our 2nd project was a milestone in our technological growth to become an international player. We designed and manufactured a Shrink Bundling Line that was capable of bundling and shrink wrapping bottles at a rate of 50 packages per minute, increasing our maximum production rate by 25%. Such a development was a technological milestone for the company when compared to its national competitors, whereby it started to compete almost exclusively with companies of other countries. 3The 3rd project (2005-2006) allowed us to develop a new multifunctional packaging unit that was capable of bundling cans on boxes, trays and cardboard sheets, a huge improvement when compared to the previous units that were solely capable of double packaging products. This represented an important technological turning point for the users of these machines, which could now handle a wide variety of packaging formats, while enjoying the advantages of solutions achieved in previous developments. 4We developed our 4th project between 2007 and 2008, which allowed us to compete with foreign competitors on equal and technological terms. This was a Shrink Bundling machine that bundled cylindrical bottles, placed them on cardboard trays and shrink wrapped them at a rate of 75 p/min, while automatically changing from one format to another. This technology had been solely used by major packaging companies until now. 5The 5th project developed between 2009 and 2010 was a huge success among our customers, based on two main features: Packer, capable of bundling cylindrical bottles with a staggered arrangement in Wrap around boxes or on half pallet trays. Packer for the fruit and vegetable produce sector, capable of handling products with which Zorpack had not worked until now, fruit jars. 6The 6th project (2011-2012) involved the development of a compact Shrink Bundling machine, with many ergonomic improvements and the implementation of new systems, such as the EASY OPEN, MULTIPACK.

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