Shrink Wrapper with Stacking machine

Retractiladora con Apilador

The cookie boxes, ice cream boxes, pillow sacks, paperboard packs with canned fish cans or any other stackable product are received at the conveyor entrance. The braking, decompression, pushing, stacking and positioning cylinder assembly bundles and stacks the product, positioning it at the entrance of the Shrink wrapper-tunnel. The machine features a cylinder system that separates the product in the requested formats. The machine can use a sequential program, where the final package will have the requested number of rows, according to the type of bundles.

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Shrink wrapping machine with sequential program

Retractiladora programa secuencial

The product is placed on the machine’s input tray at 90º. The machine has a braking, decompression and pushing cylinder assembly that separates the product in the requested formats. A sequential program will be used, according to the bundling operation of the machine, pushing the first row and then pushing all other rows required to complete the bundle.

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