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We manufacture custom-made machines, i.e., each machine is designed and built according to the specific needs of each customer. We prepare an in-depth study of each and every project, building a custom-made unit that can cater to the needs of each specific case.
All of our products include modifications specified by the customer or required in the case of special products, formats, production systems, technical features and materials. We only manufacture custom-made machines, i.e., we do not mass-produce our machines.

Machines are fully built and design in our facilities

The manufacturing process starts in the Technical Office. Our team prepares the 3D design of the machines. All other departments (production, purchasing, machining, welding, paint finishing, assembly and start-up) will get to work once the manufacturing plans are ready.
All machines are fully built in our facilities. This allows us to be flexible when adapting the machines to the customer’s requirements, modifying certain elements or including other options not included in standard ranges (new trays, other types of packaging, other special formats, etc.).
Zorpack is a dynamic and versatile company that can implement any change requested after the machine is commissioned at the customer’s facilities. We can re-design a unit and build a new assembly quickly and functionally, with the purpose of catering to the new requirements of our customer’s customers.

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